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CD's & IRA's

Let us help you save for the future. Check out our CD's and IRA's.

Certificates of Deposit

If you are looking for a way to make your money work for you, then ask about our full line of Certificates of Deposits. We have many rate and term options from which to choose. Please have a valid photo ID with you when opening a CD.

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Make a secure future for yourself by opening an Individual Retirement Account. We offer both Traditional and Roth IRAs, so you can choose the option that best suites you. A Traditional IRA allows you to make your contribution tax deferred until you start receiving withdrawals. A Roth IRA includes your contribution as part of your taxable income for the current tax year, allowing you to earn interest tax free for the life of the IRA. You should review IRS rules for full explanation of tax related questions. You can go with a fixed rate or variable rate term for your IRA. You will need a valid photo ID to open an IRA.

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